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about laura walker scott

I started drawing in 2005 at the tender age of 35.  Life is full of surprises!

Drawing has helped me develop a deeper spirituality.  Creating something out of nothing is an exercise in discipline and prayer.  Allowing the art to “flow” requires surrender and faith and hope.  Once completed, letting it go reminds me that everything is transient.

I love color and vacillate between simplicity and complication in my themes.  My projects usually start with a desire to see certain colors and then the subject matter follows.  Pastels are great fun because they allow for spontaneity and quick changes.  I am satisfied with a piece when the colors dazzle my eyes and the composition flows.

I receive great satisfaction and humble delight when another person is moved by the art that flows through me.  That connection is thrilling.

see my art in portland, oregon!

Pearl Gallery and Framing in Portland, Oregon showcases my work continuously, offering many originals and prints for sale.

Gallery Hours: Call ahead, but generally Monday through Saturday 9 AM – 4 PM.

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