Making Chalkboard Signs

I’ve been to Greece since my last update and as usual, I had a wonderful time. Inspiration is a tricky thing.  This year, as opposed to last, I didn’t feel inspired to draw for myself.  Instead, I spent a lot of time making chalkboard signs for a restaurant in exchange for delicious all-I-could-eat food and drink.  I touched up signs I’d made last year which had been ruined by the scorching Cretan sun and rains carrying dust from the Sahara.  And made many new signs too.

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Chalkboard sign for a hotel.Sign I made last year....A renewed signSign before.......and after!...and after!...and after!Sign the owner made....and my work!Chalkboard sign I made.Sign I made last year.......and refreshed this year!A challenging sign on a very uneven surface.A challenging sign on a very uneven surface.A challenging sign on a very uneven surface.A sign I made last year......freshened up this year.Chalkboard sign in English and FrenchChalkboard sign in English and French
A challenging sign on a very uneven surface.


Mariposa Butterfly Festival Poster

I’m excited to be selling these posters I designed at the upcoming Mariposa Butterfly Festival.  If you’re going, please stop by and say hello! And if you’re not going and would like a poster, you can purchase one here:

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Mariposa Butterfly Festival Poster


More Butterflies

Some new butterfly drawings have emerged. Originals and prints will soon be for sale. Please contact me if interested.

Original Butterfly Art by Laura Walker Scott


Original Butterfly Art by Laura Walker Scott


Butterfly Fever

I recently discovered that the town I live in has an annual Butterfly Festival.  This gave me great inspiration and I quickly got to work drawing.  Mariposa, California (the name means butterfly in Spanish) is not only famous for it’s butterflies but also as the gateway to Yosemite National Park.  This gave me lots of imagery to call upon.  In my first drawing, I incorporated Yosemite’s iconic Half Dome into the picture. Here’s a video of the drawing process and the finished image which I have turned into a poster.


Add some new art to your life!

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Happy new year!

JourneyI’m kicking off the New Year with a special discount to celebrate!  For January 2015, take 15% off all orders over $50, using the following coupon code at checkout: SAVE15

I wish you all a healthy and bright new year!

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A Video Slideshow

My boyfriend Bear, aka “The Double Rainbow Guy”, was nice enough to help me make a video slideshow.  I’m looking forward to using more video in the future, especially to capture drawings being created from start to finish using time-lapse.



Hallelujah! A new website!

FreeAfter months of data entry and hair-pulling, I am so pleased to invite you to my new art store featuring original pastel art and prints for sale.

With this administrative work out of the way, I am eager to get back to drawing in my latest locale: Yosemite National Park in California.

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I so appreciate your support.


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